Do You Need A Motorcycle License For A Honda Grom [A Complete Overview]

Honda Grom is a popular sports motorcycle that falls under the 125cc variant. This motorcycle can be an ideal option for beginners who want to start riding and get the best experience.

They are small in size and low in height compared to regular motorcycles, but riders of all ages can ride comfortably. These features raise a question among common people: Do you need a motorcycle license for a Honda Grom?

Yes, you definitely need a motorcycle license for Honda Grom to legally ride it on the public roads. Since this bike has a 125cc engine system, you will have to obtain an A1 license to avoid any legal trouble.

To get more details about the Honda Grom license, read the entire context.

Do You Need A Motorcycle License For A Honda Grom?

Yes, you will be required to have a motorcycle license to legally ride a Honda Grom. Most people think that small bikes like Honda grom can be easily ridden without having any license. Unfortunately, their assumption is totally wrong because the Honda grom is integrated with a 125cc engine.

Although these motorcycles are in the 125cc variant, they look smaller than regular motorcycles. Since a license is required to ride motorcycles over 50cc, you will need an A1 license to legally ride a Honda Grom.

Do You Need A Motorcycle License For A Honda Grom

However, most states may not require the rider to have an A1 motorcycle license, but some states may require it. Additionally, several states do not require a license for motorbikes with engines smaller than 50cc.

Even some states allow riding motorcycles above 125cc without having a driving license. But it is always better to have a motorcycle license while riding the Honda Grom to avoid legal issues.

Is It Possible To Ride Honda Grom Without A License?

Like other motorcycles, the Honda Grom will also need to be registered, insured, and have a license. So, if you drive a Honda Grom without a license, you may have to face legal problems.

Is It Possible To Ride Honda Grom Without A License

Additionally, riding a motorcycle without a valid license is considered a misdemeanor. For this, law enforcers will stop you and issue substantial fines while riding a motorcycle without a license.

The fine can range from $100 to $1,000, depending on the officer and the area of the stop. Besides, your motorcycle will be seized by the police, and the owner or rider may face trial.

How To Get A Motorcycle License For A Honda Grom?

The process of getting a motorcycle license can vary from state to state. But the basic process of getting a license is pretty much similar. Below we have explained a complete procedure in this regard.

How To Get A Motorcycle License For A Honda Grom

Step 1: Determine State Requirements

Depending on the state, different rules and regulations may apply to getting a motorcycle license. You may need to take an online course in certain jurisdictions, while others could demand that you receive training from an experienced rider. In that case, you have to check with the DMV office in your area for more information about the specific requirements in your state.

Step 2: Take A Safety Course

Some states do not require taking a safety course before obtaining a motorcycle license, while others may require it. Even if your state does not mandate it, you should take a safety course. In this course, you will learn how to drive safely and deal with different situations on the road.

Step 3: Apply For A License

Once the safety course is completed, you can apply for a motorcycle license in your state. The required information for getting a license can vary according to the state, but most require personal information. The information includes your current address, parents’ details, utility bills, or bank statements.

Step 4: Seat For Written Test

After that, you will need to take a written test that examines how well you understand motorcycle riding techniques and safety. This step is very crucial for getting a license. If you fail the written test, you can’t go to the next step. In that case, it is good to study a lot about motorcycle riding techniques and safety. You can study the information covered below to pass your exam.

  • Basic motorcycle techniques
  • Motorcycle terminology
  • Rules of the road
  • State laws and regulations
  • Safety precautions

Step 5: Take The Riding Test

The riding test is the final step to obtaining a motorcycle license. In this test, an instructor will assess how well you handle yourself while riding and how safe you are as a rider overall. You may have to carry out many rides in a specified place to prove that you can ride a motorcycle safely.

Depending on the state, this test can vary but may include actions such as accelerating, stopping at stop lights and using turn signals. You will get the motorcycle license within a few days if you successfully pass all the tests.

Do You Need A Motorcycle License For Buying A Honda Grom?

No, you don’t need a motorcycle license to buy a Honda Grom. You can buy all you want, but you can’t ride without a license. Currently, no laws or regulations require you to have a license to buy a motorcycle.

Do You Need A Motorcycle License For Buying A Honda Grom

So, whether from a dealership or a private seller, you don’t need a license when buying a motorcycle. You will just need to pay the purchase price and may ask for a photo ID. So, you can buy as many motorcycles as you want without worrying about getting your license first.

Many people purchase motorcycles for loved ones without the intention of riding them. It happens every day, and it is very simply done. No one has to face any problems with licenses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most riders are perplexed about the license of Honda Grom. For that, here, we have explained some queries that riders commonly ask. Check the section if you have questions about the license of Honda Gram. You may find your answer here.

1. Is Honda Grom Legal To Ride On Public Streets?

Yes, Honda Grom is legal to ride on public streets as it has a 125cc engine capacity. To ride a motorcycle equipped with a 125cc engine, you will need an A1 class license. Once you have the license, you can drive the Honda Grom on public roads without any problem.

2. How Old Does One Need To Be To Ride A Honda Grom?

To ride a 125cc motorcycle like Honda Grom, you have to be 17 or older. Besides, you must obtain a license by passing a theory and practical test before riding the Honda Grom. However, 16-year-olds can take a CBT test to ride a 50cc moped.

3. How Long Does It Take To Get A Motorcycle License For Honda Grom?

It depends entirely on the state where you take the examination to get the license. In general, you may need 20 days to 3 months to get a motorcycle license after completing the test successfully.


You may have got the answer: Do you need a motorcycle license for a Honda Grom? Typically, all motorcycles equipped with engines larger than 55cc require a rider’s license to ride on public roads. Although the Honda Grom is smaller than regular motorcycles, it is equipped with a 125cc engine.

So, if you wish to ride a Honda Grom, you first have to get a motorcycle license. In that case, you can follow the procedure discussed above to get your motorcycle license easily.

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