Can I Ride Alone With A Motorcycle Permit?

A motorcycle permit is the first step toward becoming a fully licensed rider. However, due to the authorities’ several restrictions, it doesn’t grant a rider full access to ride on the road. One of the many laws by the authorities guiding permit holders is that a permit holder can only ride with a license holder on board. However, the option is not always feasible, which pops the question, can I ride alone with a motorcycle permit?

It is possible to ride a motorcycle permit without a driving license. However, the transportation authorities have put several safeguards to ensure that permit holders don’t pose a threat to other drivers on the road. As a result, the permission is only temporary.

What Is A Motorcycle Permit?

A motorcycle permit is a colored paper that the Regional Transport authority gives to one that newly purchased a motorcycle. In other words, it serves as proof that the holder of the document is the sole owner of the bike. A motorcycle permit is essential, especially for a country or region with a high motorcycle theft. It’s the only document that can distinguish a stolen bike from its legal owner. With that said, it is best to have the permit around when riding a motorcycle.

What Is A Motorcycle Permit

It’s crucial to note that a license and a permit are two different paperwork. Even though many tend to misuse the terms, they are different documents that the transport authorities issue to riders. A license tells that one is legally approved to ride on the road, while a permit proves that one is the legal owner of the bike. Therefore, one must remember not to give one instead of the other when the authorities request papers.

Is it Okay To Ride A Motorcycle Alone With Only Permit?

Wondering, can I ride alone with a motorcycle permit? In a definite reply, yes, anyone above 18 can ride alone with just a motorcycle permit. However, it is not as simple as that, especially since the DMV has to approve one for a license to ride freely.

Is it Okay To Ride A Motorcycle Alone With Only Permit

Therefore, one is only allowed to ride with a motorcycle permit if one observes the several restrictions that the government has put in place. For instance, one of the many restrictions is that a rider can only ride with a permit if they have a licensed supervisor as a passenger. Also, the authorities only allow permit holders to ride on the road between 6 am and 6 pm.

These restrictions protect other drivers and the permit holder on the roads until they pass as eligible candidates for a driver’s license. Therefore, to further increase one’s safety, it’s best to go for good affordable motorcycle boots along with other safety gear.

However, it is crucial to note that these restrictions vary depending on the state and country one resides. Therefore, it’s best to check for driving codes in one’s country.

Things You Can Do (And What Not To Do) With A Motorcycle Permit?

A motorcycle permit comes in handy most times for several different occasions besides running on the road. These benefits add up to the various reasons one should consider getting one. However, it has a few restrictions. A few things one can use a motorcycle permit for are:

Means of ID

A permit is a good substitute for a means of identification if the holder doesn’t have the appropriate ID around. This is because it has the name, address, and a few other owner details. Therefore, it can easily prove that one is a country citizen. However, it’s best not to stick to permits as a means of identification. There are suitable IDs the government issues to its citizens, and a permit doesn’t always pass as a means of identification.

To get loans

A motorcycle permit is also helpful for one seeking to apply for a loan. Since it proves that one is the sole owner of a bike, one can easily use the motorcycle as collateral to collect a loan from a lender. However, it Is crucial to note that securing a certain amount in the loan is only possible if the collateral and the loan tallies.

Temporary licensing

One of the main benefits of a permit is that it serves as a temporary license for the holder. However, riders with only passes can only ride on the road between 6 am and 6 pm daily, depending on the region. Anything outside this time frame can lead to arrest by the authorities.

The things that one must not do with a permit are:

Transport passengers

This is not advisable. Riding without a license does not only put the passenger at risk, but it could bring harm to oneself. This is especially true since a new rider might find it hard to carry an extra load in the form of a passenger.


It’s best not to draw the attention of the authorities. Speeding is a severe offence already; talk more of speed with only a permit. If the authorities catch up with one, be expecting severe charges.

Riding without any supervisor close by

One of the many rules by transport authorities is that a permit holder must ride with a supervisor that has a license. It’s best to observe this rule always and only ride alone in dire situations. This way, it helps ensure one’s safety and several other drivers on the road.

Getting A Permit For A Motorcycle

Getting a motorcycle permit is relatively easy. After purchasing the bike, one needs to stop by the DMV, answer a few questions, and fill out a few documents. The process takes up to thirty minutes max. However, it depends on how busy the department is in a state. The steps to get a motorcycle permit are:

Getting A Permit For A Motorcycle

  • The first step to getting a motorcycle permit is to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles. This department is a government-backed body that oversees anything concerning vehicle registration and licensing.
  • Secondly, register for the permit exam. The exam aims at testing one’s knowledge concerning the vehicle. It also checks that one is aware of the safety guides and traffic rules and regulations. Registration for the exam costs should cost between $2 – $10. However, it depends on where one lives.
  • The exam is the next step for one to be qualified to get a permit. With that said, one must earn a minimum score of 80 percent to be eligible to receive a license. However, if one fails to attain the score, one can keep trying the exam daily. But be ready to pay new fees for the exam while at it.
  • On the bright side, if one gets a score of 80 percent, the department will issue the motorcycle permit. The process is that easy.

Bottom Line

Uncertain if it meets legal requirements, asking, can I ride alone with a motorcycle permit? To be precise, the answer is yes. One can ride with just a motorcycle permit. However, it comes at a price. One must observe several restrictions to stay out of the authorities’ radar. To learn more about motorcycle permits and their rules, read up.

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