Why People Choose Half Helmets No Mushroom?

Half helmets provide safety while ensuring a cool look and allowing the rider to enjoy the surrounding atmosphere. However, wearing a half helmet designed with a mushroom head helmet can give you a mushroom head look. And that’s not something you may be a fan of.

And that’s why many riders don’t like to wear a half helmet with mushrooms.

There are many reasons why people don’t like to wear a helmet with mushrooms. Most of the time, it’s for avoiding the weird look. Other common reasons are: standing out in the crowd, keeping the face and neck cool, and storing the helmet easier. 

Discover why people choose half helmets no mushroom, how safe these helmets are, and all other related aspects throughout this article.

What Is A Mushroom Head Helmet?

A mushroom head helmet is a type of helmet that uses excessive padding and thick shells to meet DOT safety standards. This type of helmet with a thicker shell are well reinforced than other similar types of helmets to compensate the exposed half of your head.

What Is A Mushroom Head Helmet

Almost all mushroom head helmets are stuffed with pad and foam to absorb more impact. That means they offer more safety and protection, and since they are safe and open, many riders find them comfortable to wear.

And that is why many riders want to wear a half helmet without mushroom head to avoid the giant mushroom look on your head. Well, there are a bunch of DOT-certified half helmets are available that don’t come with mushrooms and ensure safety.

Why People Choose Half Helmets No Mushroom?

Although helmets made with mushrooms ensure rider’s protection, many riders don’t like to wear them. Wondering why people choose half Helmets no mushroom? Follow the below section to find out:

Why People Choose Half Helmets No Mushroom

1. Weight Issues

One of the core reasons most motorbike riders don’t like to wear a mushroom head helmet is weight issues. Basically, mushroom head half helmets are heavier than non-mushroom head helmets.

Weight Issues

On the other hand, no-mushroom helmets are easy to wear and carry as well as look more elegant than mushroom heads. They are also easy to store as well, and you’ll find a no-mushroom helmet with up to 2lbs.

2. Comfortable

Another reason to wear a no-mushroom helmet instead of a mushroom head helmet is because of the comfort level. Wearing a mushroom head helmet will not be as comfortable as wearing a no-mushroom half helmet. Moreover, no-mushroom half helmets are also known as skid lid or skull cap helmets which ensure supreme comfort.

3. Fit Perfectly

Unlike mushroom head helmets, no-mushroom head helmets offer more comfortable fitting. Since no-mushroom helmets are lightweight and come with skid lids, they’ll ensure a more comfortable fitting on the user’s head. And the adjustable straps will let you tighten the straps on your chin according to your comfort level.

Fit Perfectly

4. Affordable Price Range

Mushroom head helmets are usually more expensive than no-mushroom head helmets. On the other hand, a no-mushroom head helmet is not as expensive as a mushroom head. Most importantly, you’ll find a bunch of good-quality no-mushroom helmets in an affordable price range.

5. The Design

Last but not least, the design means the giant mushroom design is the main reason that many riders do not like to wear them. A mushroom head helmet will make your head look like a giant mushroom, which is pretty annoying. On the other hand, no -mushroom head helmets offer a slim and stylish look.  In short, no mushroom head half helmet is a combination of safety, style, and comfort.

The Design

These are the most common and basic reasons why most people choose a no-mushroom half helmet instead of a mushroom head half helmet.

How Safe Are Half Helmets?

All types of helmets are designed and made to ensure riders’ safety while riding. The same rule applies to half-helmets, and the truth is that half-helmets do not provide the same protection as full-face helmets.

How Safe Are Half Helmets

However, half helmets are safe enough to protect you from all types of serious brain injuries. And along with brain injuries, you can avoid all types of serious impacts by following some simple hacks. Some are some of the aspects that you can follow:

  • Always wear all safety gear, including goggles or sunglasses, when riding a bike with a half helmet.
  • If you’re not an expert mortar bike rider, then don’t ride with a half helmet in heavy traffic areas.
  • Always use the half helmet for a short distance and never use it for long-distance.
  • Ride the bike in a low-risk area and if possible, avoid wearing a half helmet in off-road riding.
  • Also, avoid wearing half helmets in harsh weather conditions to ensure your own safety.

These are important tips that you must follow to ensure safety while riding a bike with a half helmet.

How Do You Wear A Motorcycle Half Helmet Properly?

This may sound normal, but wearing a half helmet properly can significantly reduce the chances of many incidents. And if you’re a beginner and want to know the appropriate process, follow the section below:

How Do You Wear A Motorcycle Half Helmet Properly

Purchase the Right Helmet

Use a measuring tape to measure around your head, one inch above your eyebrow line. Then ask the seller or take help from the helmet measure chart and start with a size medium. You must get a helmet that snugly fits your head and doesn’t wobble around while riding.

Wear the Helmet Appropriately

The best way to wear a half helmet is to fasten the retention strap securely and ensure the strips fit snugly. After fastening the helmet, place your hand on the helmet on both sides and try to roll it back and forth. If it stays still, and you feel comfortable wearing it, you’re done. This is how you can wear a half helmet properly.

Final Words

There are six types of motorcycle helmets, and all of them come with different comfort and protection levels. Among all of them, the half helmet is the most stylish one, and used in regular rides. Half helmets allow the rider to enjoy the surroundings and stay safe at the same time. And the no mushroom design just amplifies both comfort and safety.

When you use a mushroom head half helmet, you may not be able to get as comfortable.  Mushroom head helmets come in big sizes and are stuffed with excessive padding and thick shells and that’s why people choose half helmets no mushroom. On the other hand, a no-mushroom helmet is a combination of comfort, style, and safety protection.

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