7 Worst Motorcycle Helmet Brands to Avoid in 2023

The helmet remains a crucial part of safety for any motorcycle rider. Hence, it is crucial to invest an adequate amount of time and effort when shopping for a new helmet. The benefits are priceless and vast, therefore purchasing the right motorcycle helmet is a decision that must not be taken casually. While there are a lot of excellent motorcycle helmet brands, there are motorcycle helmets brands to avoid altogether. This review focuses on the seven worst motorcycle helmet brands to avoid completely. Read on!

While some motorcycle helmet brand makes are seasoned and make exceptional helmets, the same cannot be said for some. Some of these brands have little to no expertise in making quality motorcycle helmets. A motorcycle helmet doesn’t just need to be colorful; it has to offer the rider’s head maximum protection and be comfortable to put on. The reverse is what buyers will get if they purchase from some of the helmet brands discussed in this article.

7 Worst Motorcycle Helmet Brands to Avoid

SharkSun visits do not function properly.
HjcThey lack proper ventilation.
Shoie QwestIt lacks an internal mechanism and checks pads.
AvgThey are not durable.
TorcThey lack functional Bluetooth devices.
Arai HelmetsVentilation issues
BellIt doesn’t have a chin guard attachment.

1. Shark

Shark is still a relatively new player in the helmet market; they have, however, gained some acumen over the past few years. They have a vast range of premium helmets. However, some customers have detected some flaws in their models. The inadequacies of the Shark helmet have made many people avoid making its purchase. Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid the shark helmet;

Shark motorcycle helmet Brands to Avoid

  • They come in irregular sizes.
  • They can be costly. The cost sometimes doesn’t match the quality.
  • It lacks modern technological advancements such as Bluetooth and headphones.
  • The visor doesn’t function properly.

2. HJC

HJC is probably one of the oldest brands of motorcycle helmets out there. They have been manufacturing helmets for about 45 years. In terms of style and quality, HJC strives to satisfy its customers. However, some customers still have many complaints against the brand. One of the most prevalent complaints is the poor sound which makes it difficult for hearing when wearing the helmet.

HJC Motorcycle Helmet Brands to Avoid

Also, some users complained of the HJC helmet being too tight and causing them headaches after prolonged use. The HJC brand is also notorious for its poor customer service. Apart from the fitment problem, there are complaints of poor ventilation and the cheek pad. They are one of the top motorcycle helmet brands to avoid, and here’s why;

  • If the buyer’s budget is limited, the HJC may not be the right fit because it can be pricey.
  • Some of their models, such as the HJC I-50, HJC CS-R 3, HJC IS-17, and HJC FG-17, are notoriously unsafe.
  • Ventilation and cheek pad problems.
  • Some users highlight problems with discomfort.

3. Shoie Qwest

Shoie Qwest is an excellent full-face helmet. Also, the Shoie Qwest makes sure that their helmets are safe. They strive to meet quality control; however, there are still several dissatisfied customers who have used the brand. Some users have complained about the cheek pads and the interior mechanisms of the helmet.

Shoie Qwest helmets

A good helmet should have anti-fog, anti-scratch, and a visor for sun protection. The Shoie Qwest does fail to protect its users from the heat of the sun. Moreover, they are also made with composite fiberglass, which means they are easy to crack. The plastic build is also another con of the Shoie Qwest because the plastic will allow scratches to spread all over the helmet quickly.

  • Shoie Qwest raises safety concerns because there is no shin guard attachment.
  • Shoie Qwest is not for those who are on a tight budget.
  • Prone to scratches and cracking.
  • Lack of cheek pads, and they lack internal mechanisms.
  • No anti-fog sun visor.

4. AVG

Most bikers wear the AVG helmet because they are durable, reliable, and have good protection. However, some motorcyclists disagree with the excellence of the AVG helmet. There are many downsides to this brand that cannot be ignored. Today, there aren’t many riders who use the AVG because of their shortcoming.

One of the signs of a good helmet is its ability to fit snuggly on the head. It should not be so tight or too loose. There are some models of the AVG that comes in odd sizing, which means that they are either too tight or loose.

Apart from fitting issues, AVG helmets do not have outstanding durability. So, people that bought the helmet will probably have wasted all their money. Here are some reasons why a lot of people are avoiding the brand.

  • AGV helmets are very uncomfortable.
  • They have a thin neck roll.
  • The chin curtails are very loose.
  • Their models are notorious for having odd fittings.
  • Some of their models present some safety concerns.

5. Torc

Torc is quite a famous brand known for its structural stability and support. They are heavy and are said to absorb a lot of impact during impact. However, these glowing reports are not what you’d hear about most of their models. Some customers complain about their models being lightweight and falling during a crash. The concerns raised about this brand makes Torc helmets amongst the seven worst motorcycle helmet brands to avoid.

Torc motorcycle helmet Brands to Avoid

There are reviews which say the Torc has problems with the sun visor. The sun visor also fogs up quickly, which can be very dangerous for the rider. Torc also has difficulties with insulation which causes a lot of noise when there is a lot of wind. It is advisable to avoid the Torc helmets; the next paragraph will highlight more reasons.

  • Vertical vision can only be described as horrific.
  • Bluetooth stops working very fast.
  • Ventilation is really poor.
  • Poor insulation.

6. Arai Helmets

Arai helmets are probably among the top producers of helmets for motorcycles and sports bikes in Japan. They maintain quite a high standard and, for the most part, are reliable. However, like other brands in this article, there are a few complaints about Arai helmets. Below are some of the most prevalent concerns.

  • There are complaints about the cheek pads.
  • Some models do not come with a sun visor.
  • The Regent-X, one of the Arai models, has really poor ventilation.
  • They don’t come with Bluetooth and headphones features.

7. Bell

Bell is a trendy helmet brand, and many riders wear it. So, it might come as a bit of shock for some people to see the Bell helmet on this list. Even though the brand is trendy, some models have inadequate insulation. This means that they are not properly sealed, and the rider will feel a gush of air as they travel.

Bell helmets

Round-headed people will find this brand very unhelpful. This is because they do not have models that will fit round-shaped heads. Below are more reasons to avoid the bell helmet.

  • Too narrow for round-headed people.
  • No chin guard attachment.
  • It doesn’t work for people with glasses.

What Are The Most Reliable Motorcycle Helmet Brands?

Purchasing a helmet can be a mind-boggling experience, especially for first-timers. The selection will, however, become a lot easier if one knows the right brands to look out for. Every reasonable person will choose quality over affordability. People who value quality will benefit from some of the brands mentioned in the next paragraph.

1. Studd Helmets

Studd helmets use high-quality polycarbonate to make their products. The polycarbonate offers very high shock resistance in the event of an accident. They do very well against scratches and cracks. Studd helmets also have silicon coating. If one is looking for the plush inner lining, the studd helmets also provide it adequately.

Studd The Most Reliable Motorcycle Helmet Brands

2. LS2 Helmets

LS2 helmets are also another excellent helmet for any seasoned bike rider. They combine both safety and comfort while manufacturing their helmets. LS2 helmets are made using kinetic polymer. Kinetic polymer makes the helmets very sturdy and crash-resistant. There is also an anti-fogging technology that ensures that the rider doesn’t have to worry about visibility when riding. Moreover, it is considered one of the top-notch Motorcycle helmets for visibility.

The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make Choosing a Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Buying a motorcycle helmet can be an expensive investment. Hence, careful consideration has to be made before one purchase one. The following paragraph will highlight some mistakes people should avoid when choosing a helmet brand.

Failure To Choose The Fit

This is one of the most common mistakes people make when purchasing a helmet. Choosing the right fit is a fundamental part of buying helmets and can have impacts ranging from mild discomfort to life-threatening situations if the helmet falls off. The best way to avoid this mistake is to try it first in the store. For people that want to order the helmet online, it is essential if they ask a friend to measure their head for the correct size.

Failure To Choose The Helmet Details

People often mistake skipping the small details that go on to become very important later on. It is essential to check if the helmet has anti-fogging features and emergency quick-release cheek pads. A helmet needs to have anti-fog features since that is how the rider will see the road with clear visibility.

Failure To Keep Riding Style In Mind

Buyers should ensure that they choose a helmet that fits their style. Also, the buyer needs to keep their riding style in mind. People who do many long-range riding should probably purchase a helmet that fits very well on their head and does not fall off due to high winds.

Common Helmet Problems That You Should Know Before Buying

The best way a person can be informed when buying any product is if the individual knows the common problems associated with the product. This would help the buyer make informed choices. Here are some common helmet problems every serious buyer should keep in mind.

  • Poor material.
  • Fogging in the helmet.
  • Helmets that don’t let the rider wear eyeglasses.
  • Poor insulation.
  • Lack of Bluetooth and headphones.


A good helmet is essential in having a safe and enjoyable ride. Factors such as fitment, sizing, weight, and sun visor are necessary for a secure riding experience. A good helmet should also have excellent ventilation so that the rider doesn’t have problems breathing as they go on a ride. Insights about the seven worst motorcycle helmet brands to avoid in this guide will not only guide anyone in making the right choice, but they will also go a long way to ensure safety and help prevent injuries.

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