Is A Motorcycle Test Hard?

The maximum people find a motorcycle test hard, it is because of lack of preparation nothing else. A motorcycle test is not as difficult as you think if you have proper guidelines, and the test details.

In addition, to pass the motorcycle test, you have to put in the right amount of study, and practice. Otherwise, you will not be able to overcome the test.

A few days back I took a motorcycle test and got my license for which I had only 3 months of preparation. In this write-up, I will share my journey of passing the motorcycle test, and getting a driving license.

Hopefully, after reading the article, you’ll have a complete overview regarding the test that will clear your confusion; Is A Motorcycle Test Hard, or not?

So, without any further intro, let’s get into today’s discussion.

Is A Motorcycle Test Hard?

This is one of the most typical questions that I usually see on different motorcycle forums which is generally asked by the rider who takes a motorcycle test in the near future.

The answer to the question is both, Yes & No! What kind of answer is it? This is in your mind right now, I know. Well, let me explain.

Is A Motorcycle Test Hard

To pass your motorcycle driving test, you have to go through two different tests. The first one is a written test, and the second one is a skill test or riding test.

So, if you want to pass the written exam to get the motorcycle learner’s permit, you have to read some topics including rules & regulations of the road, motorcycle riding laws, and others that are requirements for passing the exam.

In that case, to successfully pass the stage, you have to read. Otherwise, you will find the exam difficult and will fail.

Now, come to the riding test which is comparatively difficult if you don’t do enough practice after getting the learner’s permit. If you get yourself prepared completely, then it is the easiest one.

So, it depends on you whether you will make it easy or hard. I think you have been cleared.

Test Requirements of a Motorcycle Test

Before starting the segment, I would like to remind you of one thing. The test requirements may vary from state to state, but all the states go through the 3 common steps that you must know before taking a test.

Step No-1: A Written Test

This is the initial step that you must pass if you would like to get a “Motorcycle Learner’s” permit to practice riding your motorcycle on public roads.

To succeed easily at this step, you have to have a good knowledge of some topics. These include:

  • Motorcycle Terminology & Techniques
  • State Laws
  • Road Rules
  • Best Safety Practices

To get yourself prepared for the test, go to the local DMV website, and accumulate all the information you need to pass the exam.

Step No-2: Practice on The Road

If you successfully pass the written test, you will have permission to practice your skills on both public and private roads.

During the stage you might not be able to practice at night, you have to do it in daylight hours only. Besides that, you will not be allowed to carry any passengers while practicing.

There is another role that you might face. In some states, it is required to record a given number of supervised hours if you are not more than 18. In this case, who will supervise you will stay a distance from you on another motorcycle.

Note: As The Requirement At The Stage Varies From State To State, It Is Better To Go Through Your Local DMV Website Where You’ll Get The Authentic Information That You Need To Follow When You Practice.

Step No-3: Take a Skills Test

This is the final step to getting a complete license to ride a motorcycle anytime. In this stage, you have to take a road test to show your ability to maneuver. These include:

  • Brake
  • Accelerate
  • Safe & Quick Turns
  • Off-Road Riding Capabilities
  • Changing Gears
  • Etc

During the skill test, choose a bike that is light & flexible, short wheelbase, and low center of gravity.

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Tips for Taking The Written Motorcycle Test

This is the initial step to get a driving license that you must pass to have a “Motorcycle Learner’s Permit. Once you get it, you can practice, and prepare yourself for the riding/skill test. Here I have given some effective tips that will help you pass the written test.

Tips for Taking The Written Motorcycle Test

  1. Know the written exam details first from your local DMV website.
  2. Collect the subject note on which you have to focus on.
  3. Don’t memorize the rules and regulations of motorcycle riding, just read them a couple of times.
  4. Once you get yourself prepared, fix a date to take your test.
  5. On the day of the exam, in the exam hall, get relaxed, and take a deep breath after getting the question.
  6. If a question seems difficult for you, then look for another one that is easy for you to answer.
  7. Don’t get panicked as you can take the test several times until you pass.

Tips for Taking The Motorcycle Riding Test

It is one of the hardest parts of getting a motorcycle driving license. The maximum rider considers it a difficult part for many reasons. The vital one here is that you have to ride in front of people, so if you can’t do it properly, you will feel shy which creates pressure on your brain; thus, many people fail the exam. In this section, I have shared some tips for taking the motorcycle test.

  1. First is first, you have to practice enough after passing the written exam.
  2. Don’t fix a date, until you think it is the perfect time to take the exam.
  3. Ensure that you have a good command of Brake, Accelerate, Safe & Quick Turns, Off-Road Riding, and Changing Gears.
  4. On the day of the exam, go to the place where you’ll take the time as early as possible to make yourself adjust to the place.
  5. Follow the instructions full of intent that you’ll be given before the exam.
  6. Choose a bike that is light & flexible.
  7. Before starting the riding test, take a deep breath, and don’t look at others.
  8. Don’t feel like seeing lots of people around you.

Final Thought

A motorcycle isn’t hard at all, it completely depends on you whether you will take it easy or hard. To pass the motorcycle driving test, you must pass two exams; the written exam, and the riding test exam. Otherwise, you’ll never get a license, no matter how skilled you are.

To pass the written exam, you must know the rules & regulations of the road, safety practices, and state laws about motorcycles, and many more. On the other hand, to pass the riding test, you should know how to ride a motorcycle properly.

So, to make the tests easy, you have to make yourself prepared by reading, and practicing as much as possible.

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