How to Make Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deeper?

Whether you are a regular or casual motorbike rider, you cannot deny the adventurous experience of riding a bike. However, there are many consumers who want to make their riding even more exciting and thrilling by making the exhaust sound deeper.

Well, if you’re also one of them and want to know how to make motorcycle exhaust sound deeper, you can do it easily. You can do it by removing baffles and modifying the muffler.

Moreover, you can replace or modify the stock muffler and get a full-performance exhaust system to make the sound deeper.

Perhaps, all the methods look a bit complicated. Well, it’s common to think like that, and by following this article, you can find how effortless these methods are.

What Are the Benefits of Making Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deeper?

It’s common that making the motorcycle exhaust sound deeper will give you an adventurous feel. However, have you ever wondered what other benefits you can get by bringing changes to the exhaust sound system of your motorbike?

What Are the Benefits of Making Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deeper

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get by making motorbike exhaust sound deeper, have a look:

  • Better Performance: Increased performance is the first benefit you’ll get from deepening your motorbike’s exhaust sound. This action will help to quickly escape the exhaust gasses, which will help the engine to breathe more efficiently. In short, upgrading your exhaust will help to free some stress from the motorbike’s engine.
  • Better Fuel Economy: Another core benefit you’ll get in investing in making motorcycle exhaust sound deeper is better fuel efficiency. Here better fuel efficiency means the change in the exhaust system will maximize the fuel efficiency. Plus, you’ll also get better and improved mileage as well.
  • Better Look: Better and stunning looks are another thing that motivates most motorcyclists to upgrade the exhaust system. Especially, when you’ll go for a full-performance exhaust system, it will give a complete badass look.

When you’re getting better performance, fuel efficiency, and look, what do you need more? Simply upgrade your bike’s exhaust system and enjoy all these things.

How to Make Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deeper with Ease

Here is the main part. Several methods you can follow to make your motorcycle exhaust sound deep, but not all of them are effective and reliable. However, for your convenience, here we’ve included some methods that will give you your desired result.

how to make motorcycle exhaust sound deeper

1. Removing Baffles

Removing the baffles is one of the best and most effortless solutions you can follow to make your motorcycle exhaust sound deeper. Plus, it’s super easy that anybody can do with a flathead screwdriver as well as a wrench set. However, we’ve included step-by-step guidance on removing baffles in the section below. Check it out:

Take Off the Bolts

Start with finding the 10″ nut and bolt at the exhaust pipe end, and this tiny bolt connects the baffler and exhaust pipe. To unbolt the nut, use the wrench. However, remember to reach into the exhaust pipe for unbolting.

Unbolt the nut, and don’t forget to keep the bolt on the baffler, which will save the baffler from falling.

Detach the Baffle

Once you have unbolted the nut through the wrench, it’s time to remove the baffle. And to remove it, simply use the flathead screwdriver and place it at the baffle’s end. Give the screwdriver a little push back to remove the baffle completely.

Again Install the Muffler

After removing the baffle, again install the muffler in its place and tighten the screws or bolts you’ve removed. That’s it; now you can enjoy a deeper noise from your motorbike exhaust system.

Note: Since removing the baffles will give you more strength and deeper sound, it’s essential to check the local law to bypass all consequences. Be sure that you are not breaking any laws pertaining to noise.

2. Modifying the Muffler

Modifying the structure of the muffler is another reliable solution you can follow to make your motorbike exhaust sound deeper. By knowing the step-by-step process and getting the right tools, you and anyone can remove and modify the muffler.

Modifying the structure of bike muffler

However, some elopements like a screwdriver, a wrench set, pliers, and a three-inch blade angle grinder will be needed to modify. Simply follow the below-mentioned steps:

Remove the Baffler:

Simply unscrew the bolt or screw that is holding the baffler and muffler together.

Make Modifications:

Once you remove the baffler, it’s time to make the modifications. And to do so, make cuts along the pipes outside the border where it connects to the muffler. Then, using a smaller blade, begin cutting within the pipe for about 2 inches.

Use the Pliers:

After that, it’s time to use the pliers and use them to twist the cuts to make the cuts even more clear. Now the exhaust pipe’s end will come out easily. That’s it, now you can easily get a deeper sound from your motorcycle’s exhaust system.

Note: Don’t forget to keep the baffler for using it in the future or if you have a plan to sell your bike in the future.

3. Replace the Stock Muffler

If you’re looking for an affordable solution to make your motorbike exhaust sound deeper, try to replace the stock muffler. It’s the cheapest solution that can give you cool and deep sound.

The stock muffler is the most budget-friendly aftermarket product that perfectly works with all types of pipe models. Moreover, you can also tweak the stock muffler to make the sound deeper based on your preferences.

4. Get a Full Performance Exhaust System

You should go for a performance muffler when it’s about getting the most refined sound intensity from a motorcycle exhaust system. It’s an expensive process, but it can give you an excellent and attractive deep sound.

Well, getting a full-performance exhaust system means you have to get bike headers with a few curves leading into the muffler section. Furthermore, you should also ensure that the muffler does not have any baffles or restrictions in it.

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Final Thought

Upgrading your motorbike’s exhaust system shouldn’t be a dream anymore. Since we’ve shown many ways how to make motorcycle exhaust sound deeper, you can easily follow any of them.

All of them are efficient enough to give an excellent sound experience as well as top-notch performance. Plus, you can also enjoy better fuel efficiency by making the exhaust sound system of your bike deeper.

Simply follow one of the methods. However, if you want an effortless method of upgrading the exhaust system, go for a full-performance exhaust system. Or you can also remove the bafflers for a cool and attractive sound.

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