How to Clean Motorcycle Chain without Stand?

Chain is one of the crucial parts of a motorbike that can be cleaned with or without using a stand. It’s true that things become easier while cleaning a motorbike chain with the aid of a stand.

However, when you don’t have a stand, then what to do? Well, to clean your motorbike chain, it’s not mandatory to have a stand. And you can easily clean the chain without even having a stand.

Wondering how to clean motorcycle chain without stand? You can wash your bike’s chain with your bike’s center or side stand.

Does the process look a little confusing? No worries, follow this article to get reliable guidance over cleaning the chain without an additional stand.

Is It Really Mandatory to Have a Stand for Chain Cleaning?

To be honest, having a stand for chain cleaning is not mandatory. Most motorbike cleaning service centers use stands for chain cleaning for their convenience. And they use an additional stand doesn’t mean it’s mandatory to follow the same pattern.

Fortunately, you can follow a different as well as easy method to clean your motorbike’s chain without a stand. All you have to do is arrange all the necessary tools and elements for effortless cleaning.

Wondering what tools and elements you’ll need for your motorbike’s chain cleaning without a stand? Here is the list of elements you’ll need, have a look:

  • A pair of gloves (If you don’t want to get your hands dirty)
  • A soft bristle or wire brush
  • Soft rag or dry microfiber cloth
  • Chain cleaner
  • Chain lube

Once you arrange all the necessary tools and equipment, you can begin cleaning.

How to Clean Motorcycle Chain without Stand [Easy Method]

Here is the main part: how to clean a motorcycle chain without a stand. Well, we’ve included step-by-step and comprehensive guidance over it. So follow the below steps for cleaning your motorbike chain without using an additional stand.

How to Clean Motorcycle Chain without Stand

1. Setting up Your Motorcycle in The Right Position

When you don’t have an additional stand, then the first thing you have to do is position your motorbike correctly. There are many ways you can try, and it depends on what type of stand you have on your bike by default.

Setting up Your Motorcycle at The Right Position

Most bikes have a side or center stand, and some of them even have both. If you have a side stand, use it to position the bike in a room with some space. On the other hand, if you have a center stand, use it to position the bike anywhere.

2. Wear the Hand Gloves

Once you’ve positioned your motorbike properly, the next thing you have to do is wear safety gloves. Wearing safety gloves will keep your hand safe from the dirt. Plus, you can also wear goggles to keep your eyes protected from sprays and other things.

3. Spray the Bike Chain

Spray the Bike Chain

After positioning your bike properly and putting on your safety stuff, it’s time to begin the chain cleaning. Assume your bike has the most common side stand and if it does then follow the steps mentioned below:

Step-1: Take your preferable chain cleaner spray.

Step-2: Then take a piece of soft rag or dry microfiber cloth and hold it under the chain.

Step-3: Now start spraying the cleaner from side to side.

Step-4: To spray the entire chain, simply roll your bike forward.

Step-5: Alongside cleaning the chain, don’t forget to clean the surrounding areas as well.

Note: Or, if you have the center stand on your bike, rotate the rear tire to move the chain and clean it entirely.

4. Scrub the Clean

Once you have sprayed the entire chain, it’s time to use the soft bristle or wire brush to scrub. Using this brush for scrubbing will help clean all types of debris, dirt, excess oil, and other elements in the chain.

Deeply scrub the chain from side to side and then use the rag to clean the remaining dirt.

Note: Repeat step three and four until you’re satisfied with the cleaning. And once the cleaning is done, you can now go to the next step.

5. Lubricate the Chain

Finally, it’s time to lubricate the chain. However, try to use quality lubricate like Maxima Chain Wax, WD-40, or Motol. While lubricating the chain, be sure that every link of the chain is getting the material.

Plus, another thing you can do is long a piece of soft rag under the chain while lubricating. And most importantly, never over-lube the chain as doing so can attract more dirt and cause different issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have never cleaned your motorcycle’s chain, it’s common to have some questions in your mind. However, if you have any queries, this section is for you. We have included some of the questions with reliable answers. Have a look:

Do You Use Any Type of Chain Lubricate for Your Bike’s Chain?

First of all, the answer is NO, you can not use just any type of lubricating material for the chain. You must use quality lubricant material as this material helps to provide a smooth ride as well as prolong the chain’s life. Moreover, quality chain lubricates also help to reduce dirt issues as well.

How Often Should You Clean Your Motorbike’s Chain?

To be honest, it’s really tough to answer after how many days you should clean your motorbike’s chain. However, one thing is clear: you must give your motorbike’s chain a clean after every 750 to 1000 miles. Otherwise, not cleaning the chain after a certain period can cause many issues, including lifespan issues to the chain.

Is It a Good Idea to Clean the Chain by Yourself?

Without a doubt, cleaning your motorbike chain yourself is a really good idea as it can save you money. Cleaning the motorbike chain can roughly cost you around $30-40. Besides saving your money, cleaning by yourself can also lead to self-satisfaction as well.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, cleaning your motorbike’s chain without a stand is much easier than counting numbers. Simply, arrange all the necessary tools as well as equipment and then start cleaning.

However, don’t forget to follow the provided step-by-step method for a successful and quality chain cleaning. So, since you know how to clean motorcycle chain without stand, try it today.

If you face any obstacles, don’t forget to let us know through comments. We’d love to hear from you as well as solve your issues. Have a good day and take care.

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