How Long Does a Motorcycle Clutch Last?

You may know that every part of a motorcycle has a particular lifespan, and you’ll find no difference with the clutch. Clutch also has a particular lifespan, but the fact is that lifespan can increase and decrease based on various actions.

However, if you want to know how long does a motorcycle clutch last on average, the answer is 20,000 – 60,000 miles. And you can easily increase the lifespan of the clutch by changing your riding style as well as maintaining it properly.

Perhaps, the things related to clutch lifespan may seem a little complicated. But you can clear all your confusion by following this article from top to bottom.

How Long Does A Motorcycle Clutch Last [Average, Minimum, And Maximum Lifespan]

The Clutch is one of the crucial parts of a motorcycle engine that assists in engaging and disengaging power. It enables the riders to change gears as well as turn on or off power to the rear wheel.

How Long Does a Motorcycle Clutch Last

In short, the clutch plays a vital role in a motorbike; unfortunately, it comes with a particular lifespan. And the fact is it’s really tough to determine how long a motorcycle clutch will last.

That is because all riders maintain the clutch differently, and particular riding styles also affect the clutch lifespan. However, if you want an average lifespan of a motorbike clutch, follow the section below:

The Average Lifespan of A Motorbike Clutch

Many resources may address the clutch’s lifespan differently, but the average lifespan of most clutches is 20,000 to 60,000 miles. However, some clutches last only 12,000+ miles, and some of them last even for 200,000 miles.

In short, it is difficult to address the exact lifetime of motorbike clutches, so you have to be gratified with the average time. However, you can easily get a brief idea by knowing the lifespan of several clutch parts.

Well, if you want to know about the lifespan of particular parts of your clutch, follow the section below. Here we’ve included an estimated lifespan of various clutch parts. Have a look:

1. Clutch Kit:

Most of the clutch kits last on average 19,00+ miles. However, if you want to know about the maximum and minimum lifespan of a clutch kit, then it will be 60,000+ and 1,200+.

2. Clutch Basket:

On average, the clutch basket will last up to 10,000 miles. On the other hand, you’ll get a maximum and minimum lifespan of the clutch basket is 10,000+ miles.

3. Clutch Springs:

The main purpose of clutch springs is to hold the friction & driven plates together through spring tension. It takes most of the tension while changing the gear. However, the average lifespan of clutch springs is 38,000+ miles. And the maximum and minimum lifespan is 65,000+ and 25,000+ miles.

Note: Throughout the above section, we’ve tried to provide an estimated lifespan of a motorbike clutch and its several parts. So that you can get a general idea of how long a motorcycle clutch typically lasts.

What Affects a Motorcycle Clutch’s Lifespan?

What Affects a Motorcycle Clutch’s Lifespan

Have you ever wondered why your clutch didn’t last as long as you expected it to? Well, the fact is there are many aspects that contribute to the lifespan of a motorbike’s clutch. And in the section below, we’ve included some aspects that you should avoid:

Poor Maintenance

One core aspect that affects the motorcycle clutch’s lifespan is not maintaining it properly. Here maintenance means the cable needs your attention, and you need to adjust the cable regularly. Plus, you may not know that too tight clutch cable is the key reason to face wear and tear issues.

Driving Style

If you have a rash riding habit, then be ready to face issues with the clutch frequently. Here are some driving styles that will affect the clutch’s lifespan, have a look:

  • Changing the gear slowly
  • Riding the clutch
  • Putting the bike in gear during a stoplight

These are some driving styles that affect a motorbike clutch’s lifespan.

Driving Conditions

Last but certainly not least, driving style is also the key reason your motorbike clutch lasts less than you expected. Driving your motorbike in an extremely hot atmosphere can cause issues and even damage the fan clutch. Therefore, you should avoid riding your bike on a hot sunny day.

How to Increase the Motorcycle Clutch’s Lifespan?

How to Increase the Motorcycle Clutch’s Lifespan

Now you know the average lifespan of a motorcycle clutch. However, you can increase the average time duration by following some tips. And we’ve included some tips below. Have a look:

Changing the Riding Style

Avoiding slipping the clutch at high rpm is the key aspect that will help to increase the clutch lifespan. Also, always try to downshift the gear instead of holding the clutch when you want to slow down your bike.


If you can use alternatives, then it’s good to avoid using the clutch. For example, always use the handbrake instead of the clutch at a red light in traffic. And always engage the gear before accelerating the throttle of your motorbike.


Maintenance means changing the engine oil frequently as well as adjusting the clutch cable. You can eliminate contaminants from friction plate wear by changing the engine oil frequently. The clutch cable needs to be adjusted so that it can move freely.

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Final Thought

We hope now you get the answer to how long does a motorcycle clutch last which is 20,000 – 60,000 miles. However, now you also know how to increase the lifespan of a motorbike’s clutch.

Additionally, you also know what aspects can significantly decrease the lifespan of a clutch. So simply try to avoid all the things like poor maintenance, rash driving as well as riding your bike in hot weather.

Also, always try to maintain a gentle riding style, maintain the clutch regularly, and bring changes to your clutch usability. Following these methods will allow your motorbike’s clutch to last longer than the average lifespan.

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