How Can I Make My Motorcycle Helmet More Visible?

Riding a motorbike on the roads is quite risky. Some careless riders might still hit you no matter how careful you are. However, sometimes, less visibility can cause fatal accidents too! In such conditions, having proper visibility with the right helmet on can be crucially important.

Your jacket, helmet, and hand gloves are the most important safety gear, the helmet being the most important one. When you have the helmet highly visible, it will not only notify other riders about you on the road but also keep you safe in case of an accident.

So, if you’re wondering how can I make my motorcycle helmet more visible, there are methods you can follow. We’ll talk them all through and help you improve your safety with higher visibility in traffic.

What Color Motorcycle Helmet Is Good For Visibility?

The color of a motorcycle helmet that gives the highest visibility is white. According to experts, white helmets offer maximum safety and visibility for riders. In comparison with black or other colors of bike helmets, white bike helmets reduce the risks of crash-related casualties by 24%. Let’s check out this chart created from a 2004 study.

Helmet Risk Reduction In %
Blue 4%
Red 20%
Yellow 21%
Orange 21%
White 24%

Going by this table, the most visible motorcycle helmet color is white. In addition, other light-colored helmets such as; neon green, bright red, and orange are also very visible and statistically beneficial.

Another study of 1223 motor bikers checked out their riding habits and gear varieties. It is observed that the most visible motorcycle helmets are light-colored ones. For instance, colors like orange, yellow, cream, beige, and white are related to a 19% reduced risk of injuries from accidents.

It is very easy to spot light-colored helmets compared to deep ones. This is because light colors provide a great difference between the background, surrounding environment, and your helmet surface. As a result, most motorcyclists wearing light-colored helmets are more visible and noticeable from both long and short distances.

How Can I Make My Motorcycle Helmet More Visible?

You can make your helmet more visible by choosing the right color of a motorcycle helmet, adorning your helmet with safety gear, using neon tapes and decals on the helmet, etc.

When it comes to riding on the highway, especially in less visible environment, car drivers are likely to miss out on you. This is because motorcyclists have less visibility than larger vehicles. But when you use a motorcycle helmet for visibility, you can resolve this problem. So don’t just ask, how can I make my motorcycle helmet more visible? Take the necessary actions below to make your motorcycle helmet more visible.

How Can I Make My Motorcycle Helmet More Visible

The most important tips for making yourself and the helmet more visible to others on the road are:

1. Put On Bright-Colored Helmet

The easiest and safest way to make your helmet noticeable is to wear a safety-colored, bright helmet. The most safety-oriented helmets you can wear while riding a motorcycle are white, orange, fluorescent green, and safety yellow. Wearing dark-colored helmets is not advisable for better visibility.

Put On Bright-Colored Helmet

Oftentimes, it is your helmet that most motorists see when you pass them in a flash. Judging from the car driver’s perspective, they can easily notice a rider who is whizzing by in a shiny orange helmet than one that seems a dark blur roaring along the highway.

2. Use Safety Gear to Adorn your Helmet

A very good way you can make your motorcycle helmet more noticeable is by accessorizing an already visible helmet with ideal safety gear. For example, when you match safety colors with a bright-colored helmet, the total effect will be outstanding and attention-catching. By that, your helmet’s visibility will increase greatly.

3. Attaching Neon Tape on Your Helmet

Putting neon tape over your helmet increases its chances of visibility. This is more important when riding at night or in an overcast or wet weather condition. Tapes that can reflect lights are mainly created to increase the visibility level of objects they are projecting.

Attaching Neon Tape on Your Helmet

Moreover, reflective tapes on your motorbike helmet make you more visible to close-by drivers. Most motorcyclists make use of reflective squares or dots, while others make use of neon x-shapes, long strips, or crosses. Some even use the neon tapes to spell words, draw patterns, or form their unique designs.

4. Helmet Decals and Reflective Graphics

Stamping helmet decals and reflective graphics on your helmet is a sure way to increase the visibility level of your motorcycle helmet. Helmet decals and reflective graphics are inexpensive and an effortless way to increase your motorcycle helmet visibility.

Helmet Decals and Reflective Graphics

5. Use Auxiliary LED Lights

Using auxiliary lights and upgraded LED lights on your motorcycle can show reflection up to your helmet at night. Auxiliary lights offer brightness that improves your helmet decals visibility at night. Also, it increases your helmet visibility during the daytime.

Use Auxiliary Lights and LED Lights

Moreover, it makes other drivers around be noticeable at all times, no matter the weather condition. In addition, these lights can function perfectly with helmet reflectors and make you more noticeable to the oncoming nighttime traffic. Also, these lights enhance the rider’s visibility as well.

If the rider is wearing tinted, mirrored, or scratched goggles or visors, he/she may find it difficult to see other drivers at night. Just as they find it difficult to notice you without the bright-colored helmet. So, these lights come in handy to make you more visible.

6. Ride Away from Blind Spots

Maximum visibility can be gained if you ride away from familiar blind spots. If you don’t, the benefit of visibility upgrades on your helmet can become meaningless. This is because the driver at your front can’t detect you through the rearview mirror if you ride in blind spots.

Blind spots are areas around the vehicle where the car or truck driver can’t notice your position. Motorbikes also have blind spots. However, blind spots are more significant for bigger vehicles.

If a driver neglects to check their blind spots, they are likely to side-swipe your motorbike as it changes lane. So, avoid these blind spots to be more visible to others.

7. Use a Motorcycle that is Brightly Colored

Motorcycles are smaller in size. Therefore, they can decelerate and accelerate faster can vehicle drivers are used to. However, this means that they are facing many disadvantages in traffic. The reason is that; it is pretty difficult to see them or to determine their distance.

Riding on motorcycles that are dark-colored can only aggravate the problem. It makes the small-sized rocket ships very difficult to notice on the road. However, if you’re riding on a bike with bright colors, your chances of being noticed are higher. Even though a driver sees you out of the corner of their eyes, it makes a big difference. Just one fraction in seconds can save a life.

Tips To Increase Your Motorcycle’s Visibility

Anytime you go out on a ride, always remember that optimal visibility is paramount. Follow these tips to increase your visibility.

Tips To Increase Your Motorcycle’s Visibility

1. Make Use Of Xenon or LED Lights

LED or High-Intensity Xenon lights are a very good way to increase your visibility, especially at nighttime. It can increase your visibility and then prevent the likelihood of accidents. Never leave your safety in the hands of other motorists. Just assume that the other drivers are bad drivers and act accordingly.

2. Make Use of a Brake Light and Headlight Modulator

These throbbing lights will surely make you noticeable to motorists. But then, before applying them, make sure that it agrees with the federal and state laws.

3. Use Bright-Colored Motorbike

The color of the motorcycle you use should make you stand out even in the traffic. For instance, colors like; orange, yellow, or red can make you more noticeable to motorists.

4. Wear Bright Gear and Clothes

You will definitely be noticed if you put on fluorescent, orange, or yellow-colored gears, gloves, vests, and helmets. Additionally, you can include reflective materials. Dark materials will put you at a disadvantage where motorists are, especially at nighttime.

5. Utilize the High Beams

Most people may not agree with this method but riding with yours is a good way to maintain visibility. Some drivers find it irritating or feel that it blinds them. Even though you irritate them, don’t worry. At least, they are noticing you. That’s the important thing.

6. Make Use Of Your Horn

Using your motorcycle horn while on a ride is also a great way to maintain visibility. A rapid double-tapping on your horn is the fastest way to alert any driver feeling distracted on the road. In addition, horns become very useful when vehicles neglect to look in your direction.


It is important to know everything about maintaining high visibility while riding on your motorbike. So before you embark on any motorcycle ride, ask yourself this question: How can I make my motorcycle helmet more visible? As we have provided the answer to this question above, you can now make a feasible solution to this. Implement the strategies and avoid careless drivers by being visible and noticeable to other riders.

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