How To Install A Bluetooth Headset On A Motorcycle Helmet?

How To Install A Bluetooth Headset On A Motorcycle Helmet

It’s never easy to be riding your motorbike when your phone is ringing; you have to stop to respond to the call. Motorcycle riders have long desired the ability to communicate, listen to music, and receive instructions via Bluetooth. However, not every helmet features such ingenuity. So it’s crucial to know how to install a …

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What Color Helmet Should I Get?

What Color Helmet Should I Get

What color helmet should I get for my motorbike? This is a pretty common question among the bikers looking to get their first head safety gear. Color is crucial and affects many things from safety to style. The color for motorcycle helmets can determine the helmet temperatures and visibility on the road. So, what is …

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Are Steel Toe Boots Good For Motorcycle Riding?

Are Steel Toe Boots Good For Motorcycle Riding

Ensuring safety is the foremost thing to do for a motorbike rider, and boots are a major safety gear. That’s why; it’s crucial to choose boots and accessories that will ensure your feet’ safety on the ride. But, what type of boots are the best in this case? Are steel toe boots good for motorcycle …

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Why People Choose Half Helmets No Mushroom?

Half helmets provide safety while ensuring a cool look and allowing the rider to enjoy the surrounding atmosphere. However, wearing a half helmet designed with a mushroom head helmet can give you a mushroom head look. And that’s not something you may be a fan of. And that’s why many riders don’t like to wear …

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Are Doc Martens Good Motorcycle Boots? [Know In-Details]

Are Doc Martens Good Motorcycle Boots

Doc Martens boots have been in existence for a long time now, and indeed they are perfect boots for motorcycle riders. These boots have a tough leather build that reduces excess trauma and stress to the feet. But are Doc Martens good motorcycle boots? As they’ve been making such heavy duty boots for so long, …

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How Can I Make My Motorcycle Helmet More Visible?

How Can I Make My Motorcycle Helmet More Visible

Riding a motorbike on the roads is quite risky. Some careless riders might still hit you no matter how careful you are. However, sometimes, less visibility can cause fatal accidents too! In such conditions, having proper visibility with the right helmet on can be crucially important. Your jacket, helmet, and hand gloves are the most …

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How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet fit Better? [Ask The Expert]

How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet fit Better

When it comes to motorcycle helmets, one thing you do not want to experience is a loose or too-tight helmet. If the helmet is loose, you won’t get the most safety out of it. On the other hand, if it happens to be too tight, you tend to experience some discomfort that could be painful …

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How Do I Setup My Motovlogging Helmet?

How Do I Setup My Motovlogging Helmet

Motovlogging can evolve from just a hobby to a professional career where a proper setup is necessary. While motovlogging needs several types of setups, preparing the helmet is the most important one. You need the best camera setup on your helmet to take the game to the next level. To set up a motovlogging helmet, …

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White Vs. Black Motorcycle Helmet -Which One You Choose?

White Vs. Black Helmet

The most important measure to take while choosing a motorcycle helmet is the color of your helmet. For some, the color doesn’t even matter when it’s very important for proper visibility as well as aesthetics. Hence, it can affect your safety and performance as a rider. So, when talking about the white vs. black helmet, …

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How to Be a Motorcycle Vlogger? [Complete Guide]

How To Be a Motorcycle Vlogger

Although relatively new, motorcycle vlogging has boomed in the past decade. It basically comprises a motorcycle rider mounting a camera on his helmet, chest, or the bike itself and recording the riding experience. Not only is motovlogging thrilling, but it can also financially be rewarding at some scale. So, you can join the trend and …

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