Are Motorcycle Helmet Visors Universal?

Motorcycle helmet visors are one important component of motorcycle helmets. It has to do with many things about the helmet and the protection of the motorcyclist’s eye. But are motorcycle helmet visors universal? If this question is stumbling in your mind then you are at the right place. Although some visors can match a couple of motorcycle helmets, they are still not universal.

All types of motorcycle helmets have different shapes, and most of them have different visor spaces. So, you have to request specifically for the visor of your motorcycle helmet type. If you do not know what a motorcycle-helmet visor is, we have explained what it is in plain terms,  the reason motorcycle helmets have visors, and if visors are universal. Keep reading to find out all these and also how to care for your motorcycle helmet visor.

What Is the Visor for On a Motorcycle Helmet?

Visors play a great role in motorcycle helmets for protecting the eyes of motorcyclists from dirt. Motorcyclists need visors to shade their eyes from an excessive breeze that can make them tear up. Bright light to some people feels terrible, and visors have a way of reducing the intensity of light.What Is the Visor for On a Motorcycle Helmet

Moreover, you do not want tree branches entering your eyes when you are riding on an off-road trip. So, visors are there to give your eyes and face the full protection they need. Both the detachable motorcycle helmet and the non-detachable motorcycle helmets visor work equally for protecting the eyes.

Why Do Motorcycle Helmets Have Visors?

There are a couple of reasons motorcycle helmets have visors, and we will look at each below. This is for you to see the importance of a motorcycle helmet visor and not neglect the need to replace yours when it gets bad.Why Do Motorcycle Helmets Have Visors

For Protection Against Dirt

Riding your motorcycle in a dusty area or even in a plain area at high speed can call for dust. This is due to the wind the high-speed riding blows. On wet grounds, the motorcycle tires might lift wet dirt and paste it on your face if your motorcycle helmet doesn’t have a visor.

For Protection Against Sunlight

Sunlight, to some people, is detrimental to their eye health. It makes some people teary eyes, and others have itchy or hurting eyes. This can get minimal with the help of a motorcycle helmet visor. All motorcycle visors protect the eye from type A UV rays, and only specific visors protect from type B.Motorcycle Helmet Visor For Protection Against Sunlight

You do not need protection from sunlight, just for teary eyes and the rest of them. You also need protection from sunlight to avoid accidents. The road might have bumps, and the sunlight shining in your eyes does not let you see clearly. You might stumble on one and be an accident victim, and you would avoid this if you had a visor.

Mounts for Other Motorcycling Accessories

Most people enjoy taking video coverage of their riding, and most times, there is no one to help them out. So, mounting the cameras on their visors becomes the next best option. You just need to look precisely to find a perfect helmet for motovlogging. Aside from cameras, there are other riding accessories riders attach to their visor for an exclusive experience.

Are Motorcycle Helmet Visors Universal?

Sometimes it might seem like you can buy any motorcycle helmet visors, and it works for you. This is because some visor vendors might sell anything to you just so they make money. It is even worse when you don’t stay close to the vendors, and you cannot go back to return the visor when you find out that it doesn’t fit.Are Motorcycle Helmet Visors Universal

So, are motorcycle helmet visors universal? The answer is that motorcycle helmet visors are not universal.” Every motorcycle helmet has different shapes, and for a visor to fit in, it has to be specifically designed for the motorcycle helmet. Some helmets have wide visor spaces, and others have narrow ones, so their visors are different.

Types of The Motorcycle Helmets and Their Visor Spaces

Here, we will list the types of motorcycle helmets and the kind of helmet space they require. This is to give clear verification that motorcycle helmet visors are not universal.Types of The Motorcycle Helmets and Their Visor Spaces

Full-Face Helmet

A full-face helmet is said to be the ideal motorcycle helmet for riders. This is because it covers your face fully and gives you complete protection from head injuries in accidents. For the visors, full-face helmets have visors that you can flip up, and they are usually wide. They cover from the chin bar to the beginning of the helmet at the forehead.

The chin bar of the full-face helmet is not long or hippy. It is smooth and round, which makes the full-face motorcycle helmet visor have a smooth and round edge towards the chin bar. This is something another motorcycle helmet visor might not have.

Modular/flip-Up Helmet

The modular or flip-up helmet is close alike to the full-faced helmet, only that you can flip the chin bar and visor up. This motorcycle helmet mostly has two visors. The primary visor is connected to the chin bar, and the secondary visor is inside the primary.Modular or flip-Up Helmet visor

The primary visor of this helmet can match with a full-face motorcycle helmet and vice versa. But the secondary visor is unique, and it is just for the modular motorcycle helmet.

Open-face/3/4 Helmet

The open-face motorcycle helmet has a unique style. The helmet covers the forehead, back head, ears, and cheeks, leaving the full face open and even the chin. Most of them do not have visors, and for the ones that have, their visors are sculpted specially.

Their visors are mostly archaic, and it covers from the eyes to the nose. They stick to the helmets and are unique only to an open-face motorcycle helmet.

Half Helmet

The half motorcycle helmet covers a minimal part of the whole head. It covers the ear, back head, and forehead, leaving the cheek, chin, and face open. The visors of half motorcycle helmets are unique. They are only for half helmets, and other helmets won’t find it compatible.

Off-Road/dirt Bike Helmet

Off-road motorcycle helmets usually don’t have visors. Riders using this motorcycle helmet mostly wear goggles to protect their eyes from the sun, trees branch, or other things a visor would protect the eyes from. So, this motorcycle helmet does not come into the picture when talking about universal visors.

Dual-Sport Helmet

The dual-sport helmet completely covers the rider’s face and head, giving them complete protection from injuries during accidents. Dual-sports motorcycle helmets are a mix of full-face motorcycle helmets and off-road motorcycle helmets. Their chin bar is like that of the off-road motorcycle helmet, but the difference is that they have visors.

Dual-sports motorcycle helmets have the largest visor amongst all other motorcycle helmets. No other helmet can share their visors because they are unique to just them. And this validates the point that motorcycle helmet visors are not universal.

How Do You Take Care of A Motorcycle Helmet Visor?

Motorcycle helmet visors are delicate, and if you rough handle them, you can damage them in no time. Aside from breaking, a motorcycle helmet visor can get damaged even due to excessive fogging can affect a visor.How Do You Take Care of A Motorcycle Helmet Visor

Scratches are also not good for the motorcycle helmet visors, as they can make the rider’s view blur and cause accidents. The following are ways by which you can take care of your motorcycle helmet to avoid damages.

Clean the Visor

It is important to clean the visor of the dust or fog after a ride. This will keep the visor ready for the next ride. Cleaning the visor just after the ride might do much good because leaving the dirt to stick might make the cleaning harder.

When the cleaning gets harder, you might break the visor or scratch a spot on it. Make sure you use non-abrasive cloths to clean the visor and clean it gently.

Store Your Visor Properly

Keeping your visor or helmet with the visor carelessly could be a damaging factor for the visor. If you keep the visor in a bad position, it could fall off and break or crack, or something falls on it. But, if you keep it carefully and properly, you will meet it neat and good the way you left it.

Final Words

Motorcycle helmet visors are important to motorcyclists. They protect riders’ eyes from dust, debris, sunlight, and even tree branches on their riding tracks. Also, they are very delicate and might break if you keep them carelessly.

When they break, most riders don’t know how to replace them, so they ask, are motorcycle helmet visors universal? Motorcycle helmet visors are not universal, as every helmet has a different visor shape, and they don’t share.

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