Are Doc Martens Good Motorcycle Boots? [Know In-Details]

Doc Martens boots have been in existence for a long time now, and indeed they are perfect boots for motorcycle riders. These boots have a tough leather build that reduces excess trauma and stress to the feet. But are Doc Martens good motorcycle boots?

As they’ve been making such heavy duty boots for so long, they’re competent at making high-end footwear. They have such a sophisticated manufacturing process, with good care, you can use your pair for a lifetime.

In this discussion, we’re going to explore the things that make them a reliable brand to go with. If you’re planning getting a pair, let’s get you through the facts to know. Sure they have top notch build, but the question is, are they good enough to wear for motorcycle riding? Let’s find out.

Are Doc Martens Good Motorcycle Boots?

Doc Martens are particularly not designed to serve as motorcycle boots. Although they possess a high level of protection and feet-cushioning for other regular activities, they won’t do well in motorcycling. However, when it comes to walking and standing for a long time, Doc Martens are a good option, as they provide enough supports in such situations.

Are Doc Martens Good Motorcycle Boots

Moreover, these boots are well designed for comfort, and to some degree, they protect the feet in a crash. But the bottom line is Doc Martens boots are not specifically designed for motorcycling. There are obvious reasons why the Doc Martens boots will not serve for a motorcycle ride. These reasons may include weight, soles, less shock-absorbing, and the build.

Here are the detailed reasons:

1. Weight

One thing to avoid during rides is discomfort, and one thing that can bring about discomfort is a heavy boot. The weight of doc Martens boots is quite more than that of typical motorcycle boots, which makes it a wrong choice for a motorcycle boot.

For a good riding experience, consider getting motorcycle boots that offer enough comfort and protection with a lightweight build.

2. Outsole

The soles of these boots lack enough thickness and stiffness. For a boot to comply with motorcycle riding requirements, its soles must be stiff and thick to guarantee maximum protection. These two factors are required to protect the feet from debris and rocks that could kick up into the boots as you ride speedily over rough terrains.

But when you take a good view of doc Martens boots, you will figure out one thing. The soles of the boots are not thick enough to offer the protection you will need on a ride. Also, the cuffs are not adjustable, so the boots are somewhat loose.

3. Less Shock-absorbing

The part of a boot responsible for absorbing shocks in an impact is the heels. However, since doc Martens boots are not designed for motorcycling, the construction of the heels is also not meant to absorb shock.

Shock absorbing heels are important to eliminate a certain impact and help you maintain the steadiness of your feet. Typical motorcycle boots come with shock-absorbing heels to ensure extra protection to the feet, especially on the ride.

4. The Build

In your attempt to get some ideal motorcycle boots, you should consider the build of the boots. Ideal motorcycle boots are not designed to restrict the movements of the ankles, which is what  Doc Martens boots do. This is as a result of the boot’s build.

As a rider, you want to experience freedom on every side, and your ankles are not excluded. Therefore, you should avoid boots that restrict the movements of the ankles.

Can you ride a Motorcycle with Doc Martens Boots?

You can ride a motorcycle with doc Martens boots. However, your total protection and comfort are more or less in jeopardy to an extent. This is because doc Martens’s boots are not designed for motorcycling. So, while it is possible to ride a motorcycle with doc Martens boots, it is also not the safest option you’ve got.

Getting a pair of boots ready for riding motorbikes is your best option. There are many cheap motorcycle boots under 100 bucks you can purchase that also offer a good level of protection. This is to help you avoid the potential dangers of using the wrong types of boots for a motorcycle ride.

Why should you wear Motorcycle Boots instead of regular Boots?

It is crucial to use motorcycle boots because they offer both comfort and safety while others don’t. Besides, motorcycle boots are ready for gear shifting and well balanced for flexibility. You will not find some of the features of typical motorcycle boots in regular work boots.

If you don’t wish to purchase some motorcycle boots, you can always go for supportive, protective, and stiff general-purpose boots, like work boots. But this does not offer a complete solution for what the boots are up against.

Why should you wear Motorcycle Boots instead of General Boots

Here are a couple of reasons you should always choose motorcycle boots over general boots:

Motorcycling Danger

The first reason on the list is the danger of motorcycling. As such, you might want to put on the complete protective gear. Wearing good work boots will offer a certain level of protection but not as is required in motorcycling.

To this effect, you should replace those work boots with some motorcycle boots to maximize your safety as you go on your next ride.

Comfort Level

You may feel your work boots or the regular boots provide so much comfort until you get on a ride in them. But when using the wrong boots for a ride, some notable signs you will get are discomfort and fatigue. When in this state, you will most likely get distracted, which negatively contributes to your riding experience.

Your comfort and safety are paramount in motorcycling, which is why you must not neglect to operate in the right gear.

How to Choose Ideal Boots for Motorcycle Riding?

Some riders do not care much about the kind of boots they use. These may include sport boots or even shoes. However, this should not be the case in choosing ideal boots for motorcycle riding.

How to Choose Ideal Boots for Motorcycle Riding

To choose the right boots for motorcycling, here are some major factors you should consider:

  • Closures
  • Construction
  • Height
  • Soles
  • Fitting
  • Material
  • Replaceable Parts
  • Protection


Ranging from laces to Velcro, the way you want your boots to close up and open is completely your choice to make. Using laces gives a more snug fitting advantage, and it is quite easy to remove. However, there is a caveat to some lace boots. There is the snagging of the hooks on the part of the motorcycle during a dismounting or mounting movement.

Fortunately, some boots come with a buckle strap to direct the laces down, which is even safer. Moreover, it is common to find buckle and Velcro straps on motorcycle boots. This kind of closure offers a more secure fitting than lace boots, and many racing boots possess such a type of closure.


In you want a pair of motorcycle boots, the quality of the boot’s construction matters the most. The best motorcycle boots usually have double or triple stitching that keeps the boots together even after a serious crash.

The connection between the sole and the boots is another significant factor to look out for. Soles that are glued to the boots do not last long. If you’re going to get a motorcycle boot, make sure its soles are also sewed together with the boots. These kinds of boots last long and provide maximum protection to the feet.


To get adequate protection from a boot, the height must go above the ankle. In addition to this, the top construction of the boot must be stable enough to provide good support for the foot. As a result, these boots provide better protection than some other boots that only get close to the ankles.


Soles that provide the proper grip are vital when riding a motorcycle. Softer soles will likely give you a good grip, but they wear down easily negates this advantage. Harder soles are a lot more durable, but they provide lesser grip.

Whether or not the soles are soft or hard, always be sure they possess oil resistance features, particularly on streets.


Usually, the boot sizes from different manufacturers are not always similar. So, when shopping for a motorcycle boot, make sure to check the sizing guide from the manufacturer.

Also, the kind of socks you wear during a ride can affect the fitting of the boots. If you prefer to wear thick socks during a ride, you should always test your new boots with the type of socks you wear.


Most motorcycle boots are made of solid leather material to resist high abrasion, especially on the upper sole. You will not find this in normal walking shoes, as most of them are made of soft leather or canvas material.

Presently, there are boots made out of textile material. These types of boots possess breathability and resist abrasion. In your search for motorcycle boots, look for those with double leather layers, plastic, or even textile sliders.

Replaceable Parts

Certain motorcycle boots have replaceable parts. Meaning, you can detach the parts of the boots and replace them with new ones. This can come in handy at times when you need to clean or air them. And because of this feature, they offer the best possible fitting.

Having a removable and replaceable pair of boots makes it easy to change worn-down parts. This is a lot better and cheaper than getting a new pair of boots.


That extra padding and amour give off a pair of motorcycle racing boots a plus for more protection. Some materials used for the built-in amour of racing boots include carbon, Kevlar, and plastic. These materials offer a good amount of protection as they are placed in fragile and high-impact areas of the boots.

Furthermore, you will find out that typical racing boots come with steel plates fixed around the portion of the boots that houses the toes. This ensures that the toes are not crushed after a fatal crash.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Are Doc Martens Good for Work?

Doc Martens are one of the most preferred boots for several kinds of work. Whether or not you work in an office, warehouse, or some other outdoor job, Doc Martens will always be a good choice in such a situation.

Doc Martens boots come with cushioning soles to keep you comfortable throughout a whole day’s job. In addition, their durability and snug-fitting are quite exceptional, making them a very good set of work boots.

Do Doc Martens Hurt at First?

Indeed, the Doc Martens boots can be somewhat hurtful on the first trial. It is likely that  you’ll feel uncomfortable and have some blisters during the first few times of wearing doc Martens boots.

However, one thing you can do to curb this situation is to wear two pairs of socks with your boots. This will help soften the tight areas that may cause any form of discomfort.

Final Thoughts

So, are doc Martens good motorcycle boots? Doc Matens boots appear nice and quite effective for what they are designed, but not for motorcycle riding. Also, they may offer a certain degree of protection during a ride, but it still does not meet up with the motorcycling safety standard.

Some of the factors that make doc Martens boots less secure for motorcycle rides are the weight, soles, minimal shock-absorbing capacity, and the build. For a more comfortable ride, consider getting some motorcycle boots that are equal to the riding task. That way, you can both stay comfortable in a long ride while ensuring safety.

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